Account Executive Suffering from Disability Discrimination in Worcester

In 2017, Attorney Ben Steffans represented an account executive based in Worcester in a claim of disability discrimination against her employer also based in Worcester.  The employee had just been terminated under a supposed reduction in force.  

Attorney Steffans worked closely with his client to better understand the nature of the supposed reduction in force and quickly conclude that was simply a cover story designed to mask unlawful disability discrimination.  Attorney Steffans brought a claim for unlawful termination, claiming that his client was terminated due to her disability. The employer immediately asked to mediate and the claim settled for a sizable and confidential sum. 

Do you live in Worcester, Springfield, the Cape, New Bedford, Lowell, Fall River, Pittsfield or the surrounding areas?  Do you think you are suffering from unlawful disability discrimination? 

Vanita Mistry