Loan Officer Suffering from Retaliation and Unpaid Overtime from Springfield, Hampden County.

In 2016, Attorney Ben Steffans represented a loan officer in claims of unpaid wages and unlawful retaliation.  The loan officer was based in Springfield and the employee was based in Pittsfield, Berkshire County.

Initially, the employer denied any wrongdoing.  After discovery, Ben Steffans was able to uncover helpful facts that proved his client was suffering from unpaid overtime and had suffered unlawful retaliation.  Ben negotiated a favorable, but confidential, settlement on behalf of that individual. This case included claims brought under the Massachusetts Wage Act, the Massachusetts version of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Are you suffering from unlawful retaliation?  Have you complained to your employer about something you believe to be unlawful and suffered?  Are you based in Pittsfield, Adams, Springfield, Worcester, Fall River, New Bedford, Lowell, the Cape or the surrounding areas?  

Josh Neimark