Why Choose Steffans Legal as Your Massachusetts Employment Lawyer?

  • Specialization. Employment law is a specialized field. It’s not the sort of legal area you can dabble in or do some of the time. Since 2006, Ben Steffans has practiced exclusively employment law.  It isn’t something that makes up a small part of his practice—it is his practice. As a result, he knows employment law inside and out, and has the experience to get results.
  • Perspective. Unlike other employment attorneys, Ben Steffans represents employers and employees in employment claims.  As a result, he has a sense for what the other side is thinking and how they will approach employment litigation. This unique perspective provides Ben Steffans’s clients with a distinct advantage. There are playbooks in employment law—and Ben Steffans knows them.  
  • Purpose. Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.  Ben Steffans truly loves employment law and loves helping people navigate and solve workplace problems. This allows him to approach his representation of clients with a contagious joy, enthusiasm, and sense of purpose.  
  • Free Consultations. At Steffans Legal, we never charge for an initial consultation—and we don’t limit them to 30 minutes or an hour. They are always free no matter how long they take.
  • No Fee Unless You Win. Steffans Legal represents most individuals on a contingent fee basis. That means, you pay no fee unless you win. We like sharing the risk with our clients, as it means we are truly in it together.  
  • Ben Steffans’s Cell. It’s 413.441.6366. It’s almost always on him, it’s almost always on, and he almost always answers. And when he doesn’t, he always calls back.  
  • Honesty. We always tell our clients the truth, no matter how hard or difficult. If you don’t have a case, we will tell you. If we think you should settle a case, we will tell you. If we think you should go to trial, we will tell you. You deserve nothing less than the truth, and that’s what you’ll get.
  • Geographic Scope. Steffans Legal has offices across Massachusetts, including offices in Pittsfield, Springfield, Worcester, Lowell, Fall River/New Bedford, and the Cape. This geographic reach allows Steffans Legal to meet with clients and potential clients of our employment law practice wherever and whenever is convenient.