Executive in Pittsfield, Berkshire County Suffering from Retaliation.

In 2017, Attorney Steffans represented a not-for-profit executive, claiming that he had suffered from unlawful retaliation.  This employee had complained to his supervisor that his co-workers, who happened to suffer from certain disabilities, were being harassed.  The employer ignored these complaints, and eventually terminated the client as part of a supposed reduction in force.    

The employer initially refused to settle. After a short round of discovery, they agreed to mediate, and settled for a sizable amount that they insisted be kept confidential. The case involved claims arising under the Massachusetts Fair Employment Act/Chapter 151B, the Massachusetts version of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Have you suffered from unlawful retaliation?  Do you live in Pittsfield, the Cape, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Fall River, New Bedford, or the surrounding areas?  

Josh Neimark