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The workplace can be a breeding ground for flu-related illnesses. A 2018 survey estimated the cost to employers of the 2017-2018 flu season to be around $9.42 billion. Employees who come to work sick, get others sick. Sick employees are less productive employees. To address this, can an employer require employees to get flu shots? Not surprisingly, the answer is not simple.

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The Supreme Judicial Court Gives Employers A Gift In The Ongoing Independent Contractor Saga

Under Massachusetts law, it’s quite difficult to properly treat an individual as an independent contractor.  Thankfully (if you are an employer) the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) has carved a pro-employer exception into the law that makes it much easier to treat someone as an independent contractor, at least for workers’ compensation purposes.

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Recommendations On Complying with the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act (MEPA)

Employers who have not taken steps to comply with the Equal Pay Act are incurring unnecessary risk.  Thankfully, the Massachusetts Attorney General recently released a guidance for employers on how to ensure compliance with this new law.  Based on this information Steffans Legal has come up with the following 9 recommendations for employers:

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