Customer Service Representative from Worcester Suffering from Disability Discrimination and FMLA Retaliation

In 2017, Attorney Ben Steffans was approached by an employee based in Worcester who was suffering from unlawful disability discrimination.  This employee suffered from a rare condition that required her to need certain accommodations so she could perform her job.  Her employer refused to provide these reasonable accommodations and began to discipline her for the symptoms of her disability.  This conduct came close in time to the employee taking leave protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  

Ben began working with this client while she was still employed and helped her navigate the reasonable accommodation and interactive process.  Eventually, the employer terminated the employee and Ben filed suit, claiming unlawful disability discrimination and retaliation under the Family and Medical Leave Act.  The employer quickly agreed to a confidential and sizable settlement. 

Do you live in Worcester, Pittsfield, the Cape, Lowell, Springfield, New Bedford, Fall River or the surrounding areas?  Are you suffering from unlawful discrimination or not getting the reasonable accommodations you need to perform your job?

Vanita Mistry