Case Study 1: Sexual Harassment in Massachusetts Workplace

Steffans Legal settles sexual harassment suit in favor of Massachusetts female employee

In 2014, a female employee approached employment attorney Ben Steffans with complaints of unlawful sexual harassment in violation of Title VII and the Massachusetts Fair Employment Act. This employee suffered from both obvious forms of harassment (unwanted touchings, sexual comments) and less obvious forms (leering, invitations to dinner). This employee was new to her field and reluctant to bring a claim so early in her career, but knew that the harassment was wrong and had created a hostile work environment.

Ben quickly established that the harassment was unlawful by proving that his client was subject to conduct of a sexual nature; that the conduct was unwelcome; that the conduct created an intimidating, hostile, humiliating, or sexually offensive work environment; and that the conduct unreasonably interfered with her work performance or altered her employment.

After a number of months contemplating her decision, the employee decided to bring suit.  Almost immediately after receiving the suit, the employer requested mediation.  After a few hours of mediating, Ben had convinced the employer to pay a significant sum that it insisted be kept confidential.  When asked to recount her decision to file suit, that employee stated:

When you make the decision to pursue legal action against your employer, the stress can be overwhelming. I was so happy to have Ben in my corner. He was reassuring and supportive during the process, which helped tremendously. Ben always made himself available to me when I needed to reach him during this stressful time. I was very impressed with his litigation skills and he was able to negotiate a generous settlement for me, which exceeded my expectations. I am so happy that I put my trust in Ben.

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