The Ins and Outs of Mileage Reimbursements Under the Massachusetts Wage Act

Determining travel expense and mileage reimbursement requirements under Massachusetts Wage and Hour Laws

Employees in worcester, springfield, Fall River, pittsfield, lowell, New Bedford, and hyannis may be entitled to be REIMBURSED for work related travel expenses including mileage.  

We field a lot of questions from employees about whether an employer has to reimburse them for certain expenses. One of the more common versions of that question comes from an employee who drives frequently during the workday and is not getting reimbursed for mileage.

Can an employer refuse to reimburse for mileage and transportation expenses? or does my employer have to reimburse me for mileage and transportation expenses?

It would appear that the answer to that question is a pretty clean “No.” According to Massachusetts law, “An employee required or directed to travel from one place to another after the beginning of or before the close of the work day shall be compensated for all travel time and shall be reimbursed for all travel expenses.” I’ve added that bold to be sure the point is made. That’s a pretty clear answer to this question.

Under Massachusetts law, employers violate the Massachusetts Wage Act when they fail to reimburse employees for expenses. The Massachusetts Wage Act contains stiff penalties for violations, including that the unreimbursed expense be mandatorily tripled.

If you frequently drive during your workday and are not being reimbursed for mileage, contact us to learn more. This seems especially important for delivery drivers, pizza delivery drivers, salespeople, and others who drive frequently during their workday.

Are you an employee living in Pittsfield, Springfield, Worcester, Lowell, Fall River, New Bedford or the Cape?  Are you not getting reimbursed for travel related expenses to which you are entitled?