Steffans Legal Convinces Employer to Increase Offer of Settlement by 2300% in Worcester-Based Racial Harassment, Racial Discrimination, and Retaliation Claim

The employee in this matter brought claims of racial harassment, racial discrimination, and retaliation against her employer, based in Worcester.  The employee is of Puerto Rican descent and felt she was being treated differently than her caucasian counterparts.  She also felt she was retaliated against for reporting that conduct and for reporting the harassment she saw directed at others.  Eventually, the employee was terminated for a supposed performance problem.  The employer vigorously defended the claim and refused to make an offer of settlement.

Attorney Steffans represented this employee at a conciliation conference before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in Worcester.    The conciliation conference lasted approximately 2 hours.  At the beginning of the conference, the employer stated that it viewed the case as worthless and that it did not plan on making a meaningful offer of settlement.  By the time the conference ended, the employer's offer had risen well into six figures, an increase of approximately 2300%.

Steffans Legal regularly represents employees before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and does so in its Springfield, Worcester, and Boston locations.  While we can't guarantee a result in your case similar to this one, we can guarantee that we will tirelessly advocate for your interests in order to obtain the best result possible.  If you are suffering from workplace harassment, discrimination, bullying, or retaliation, contact us today.  Consultations are always free, no matter how long they last.