Case Study: Age Discrimination in Massachusetts Workplace

Ben Steffans settles age discrimination case for Massachusetts dental hygienist

In 2015, employment attorney Ben Steffans was approached by a medical professional that was suffering from unlawful age discrimination in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Massachusetts Fair Employment Act. In order to establish an age harassment claim, an employee must demonstrate that she is over 40, that she is subjected to unwelcome harassment regarding her age, that the harassment is objectively and subjectively offensive, and the harassment was severe and pervasive.  

This woman had worked for the same employer for a number of years and had noticed that as she got older he began to prefer the younger hygienists. The client’s employer tried to make her quit by subjecting her to a pattern of harassment targeted at her age. He called her age-related and derogatory names, commented negatively on the fact that she was physically aging, and excluded her from work functions. Not surprisingly, this employee felt that the bullying she suffered had created a hostile work environment.

This employee was in a state of despair when she decided to take action. Her employer denied all the allegations. He even filed a counterclaim. Attorney Steffans secured the immediate dismissal of that counterclaim and convinced the court to order the employer to pay attorneys’ fees.

Steffans and his client worked tirelessly together to find several third-party witnesses that corroborated his client’s story. The employer’s patterns of denials eventually faded and he requested mediation. At the end of that mediation, the employer had agreed to resolve these age discrimination and age harassment claims for a sizable and confidential monetary sum.

In an effort to force me to quit my job, my employer chose to discriminate against me due to my age while verbally abusing me on a daily basis. I desperately needed a strong experienced attorney who would confront my employer and protect my interests. That is when I met Ben Steffans. Ben immediately met with me in a kind and compassionate manner to discuss my problems with my employer. I had total confidence in his ability to help me because of his thorough knowledge of employment law and his tenacity for justice. Through Ben’s fearless negotiations my case was settled in my favor with a very just and lucrative outcome. I would highly recommend Ben Steffans for anyone who is in need of an excellent attorney!
— Plaintiff, 2015 Age Harassment and Age Discrimination Suit

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